Supporting our Ocean Fauna: Geomotive continues sponsorship with Marine Mammal Observer Association

At Atlas Professionals we are always trying to find different ways of giving something back to our industry, whether it’s through supporting an individual to achieve their goals, or for a client who is looking for a capable professional to carry out a skilled operation, Atlas will invest in anyone with the necessary qualifications and experience and ambition to progress in this industry. The Atlas Geomotive office has been doing just that, as an official corporate sponsor for the Marine Mammal Observer Association (MMOA).

Supporting our Environment

For the last four years, the Geomotive office in Vic, Spain has been a corporate sponsor of the MMOA organisation in support of improving standards and procedures in marine mammal observation.

The organisation was established to allow Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Operators to discuss issues that may arise in the marine environmental sector. The online forum also allows industry professionals to discuss the various guidelines in marine welfare and how to mitigate the effects of offshore operations on ocean wildlife.

“Many of our personnel are active contributors to the MMOA and find it a useful resource to support them in their work. We’re proud to be able to help promote high standards within the industry by sponsoring the MMOA and hope that the organisation goes from strength to strength.” - Elfyn Lloyd, Geomotive Account Manager

“The MMOA promotes high standards within the MMO/PAM community and provides an accessible platform for those with an interest in environmental issues to exchange ideas, information and experiences.” – Director of Geomotive – Neil Grosse

In 2012 the organisation produced the Marine Mammal Observer Association: Position Statements to highlight the issues brought forward by industry professionals. The document establishes the best methods in developing mitigation plans and how to minimise the effect of anthropogenic sound on different species. If you wish to view these statements, please click here.

The Marine Environmental Office

Our Geomotive office specialises in Marine Environmental personnel, if you wish to discuss any current vacancies with this office or would like more information on how Atlas and the MMOA can support MMOs and PAM operators please contact:

Director, Neil Grosse:

Account Manager, Elfyn Lloyd: