Sanje Heikkilä, MMSO& PAM Operator


Sanje Heikkilä

Do you feel that Atlas Professionals provides you with good on-land support in terms of logistics, travel arrangements, contracts and also direct support for issues in the field?

Whilein the field, I can always be sure that there is someone in the office to take part in troubleshooting and to answer my questions whatever they may be. Particularly at the beginning of the project swift interaction is often needed. Atlas is always on top of things when it comes to travel arrangements and flexibility.

Do you feel appreciated and well looked after overall?

I’m always happy to work with Atlas. It is easy to keep up the highest quality of work in the field when I feel my effort is well appreciated.

Do you feel that the actions of Atlas Professionals are transparent, honest and straightforward?

Environmental issues, including marine mammal and sea turtle mitigation, are taken seriously within Atlas, which in the end is to the benefit of all parties – from the client to the local environment and the industry as a whole. The best solutions are sought for each geographical area and project in question, ensured by the Atlas Professionals in-office marine mammal scientist, the client and the MMO.

How do we compare to other employers?

I see Atlas as an employer who aims to maintain a high standard in all its efforts and personnel, including the MMOs. The working environment is encouraging and there is an atmosphere of reciprocal appreciation between the office and myself, the MMO. I highly appreciate the ease of communication, the familiarity and relaxed atmosphere.

Sanja Heikkilä, Finland

B.Sc. and M.Sc. Biology, Specialisation in Ecology